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CBBC.co.uk OverviewOverview: They the latest games and gadgets to go along with your child's favourite television programs. Choose the pet they like the most: a kitten, puppy, hippo, panda or bunny - then choose its colour and give it a name. Due to restrictions imposed by particular publishing rights, the BBC Internet Shop can only distribute its products to countries within the European Union. Once created they can appear in games, a paperchain and very soon they'll be able to see themselves in other great content across CBeebies. They can also choose a special clock so they always know what the time is. MyCBeebies is the area of the website which the children can design.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2006: I love cbeebies and cbbc sites as me and my 6 year old daughter spend lots of time on this site learning and having fun and she can also search the site on her own she loves it, its just brilliant thank you cbbc and cbeebies. - Anon

Review 2 - Posted Nov 2006: I am a mum of two (4-6)...My 4 year old doughter love your internet site. Her first language is not English and cbeebies helps her a lot. I want my son to play number games but somehow he finds them boring. :( I request real fun number games please. Today I discovered that they can watch episodes of Charlie and Lola online. I like it. Even I watch this cartoon with a great enjoyment.thnks!

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2009: I think they are GREAT!!!!!!!!

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Chopped And Screwed [US Import]

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InDesign CS for Macintosh and Windows by Cohen, Sandee

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A treasury of basic kitchen tips and hints is provided to enable at- home cooks to make informed decisions about shopping for kitchen equipment and ingredients while demystifying food-preparation term...

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The West Wing - Series 1 Vol. 12 - 22
This box set contains the episodes: He shall, from time to time...; Take out the trash day; Take this Sabbath day; Celestial navigation; 20 Hours in L.A.; The White House pro-am; Six meetings before l...

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Java Programming by Malik, Dr. D.S.

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Cut through the haze of rock reference with the updated second edition of this illustrated encyclopedia. There are over 1800 entries on the stars who have shaped rock history, whether they were destin...

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A-Max Napa PA70
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