Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They sell quality women's, men's and children's clothes via the Internet and Mail Order. Quality mail order clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women, children and babies online. All orders on their site will be charged in British Pounds Sterling. They do put on sales around the country from time to time - usually held in places like Town Halls (often referred to as "Town Hall Sales"). Their vouchers could not be simpler to use, the perfect way to give a great present without the worry of getting it wrong. Today they employ over 400 hard working staff and despatch over 2,000 orders every day from their warehouse.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2009: I had never previously ordered because a bit outside my price range ! but a £10 incentive voucher plus 15% and free p & p and returns prompted me into action - ordered 4 items expecting to send 3 back - all perfect sizing - very good quality and design - instantly updated my wardrobe - kept them all ! Very good service. Will certainly save up to order in the future - M.E. Crudgington

Review 2 - Posted Aug 2009: I'm 87, have searched sites and stores but you have opened bright new doors. I have bought 2 and want another And still look good, though I'm a grandmother. The long sleeved tops have class and style The colour choice and price are right No longer am, a frumpish sight - lorna Roberts

Review 3 - Posted Aug 2008: Lovely clear organised site. Has been well thought out and therefore user friendly. Thank you. L in Devon

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Stretch Cord Bootleg Jeans
I could wax lyrical about these jeans, I could describe them in the purplest of prose, I could laud them to the skies. But, frankly, that would be a waste of wax, not to mention breath....

£ 24.50

Buy It

Washed Logo Sweatshirt
It�s got to be comfortable and this is. It�s got to have great graphics and this has. A great sweatshirt....

£ 12.00

Buy It

Wool Travel Suit Jacket
Something of a miracle suit. Made from very high quality fabric, woven in Britain and because of its tightly-spun yarn, this suit will spring into action on arrival and have you looking your best....

£ 199.00

Buy It

Fleece Lined Anorak
This jacket will be useful every day. Warm but not bulky, tough but comfortable, with a great sporty look which works well in town or country....

£ 20.00

Buy It

Gypsy Top
We�ve tweaked this style (with hotchpotch sleeves or embroidery) to make it even prettier than last year�s, which was already beautiful. Light and lovely for hot, happy days....

£ 10.00

Buy It

Drawstring Cargos
On days when you can get away with your mates and head for the beach, you don�t want to worry about your trousers. Tough but comfortable....

£ 16.00

Buy It

Layered Shirt
Enjoy the buzz and hum of the city, with this relaxed shirt and T-shirt combination to keep you cool, calm and comfortable. Finest brushed cotton flannel....

£ 22.00

Buy It

Layered Polo
I cycle to work every day and generally love sport. So I hope this inspires loads of you to get out and do some running around....

£ 10.00

Buy It

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