UK Homepage UKWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites UK OverviewOverview: They are the mass market Internet access division of British Telecommunications plc. Offering parental controls to protect your kids online, a pop-up advert blocker, email virus protection, anti-spyware, spam and junk mail filters. Other products cover a choice of download speeds, from 500kbps, up to 2Mbps, single or multi-user set-ups for PC or Mac, and static or dynamic IP addresses. You can have customised Internet as up to 10 additional members of the family can have a personalised homepage and browser. For businesses they offer Business 500 Plug & Go - a self-install Broadband product. They also provides Broadband over satellite for business users.

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Review 1 - Posted Jan 2009: I am having problems (again) to connect to my Emails frome my Btyahoo page. A Very frustated user

Review 2 - Posted Jan 2007: Not happy with being disconnected from Braodband Dial Up frequently at Weekends.

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2008: I have BT YAhoo on both home and office computers. The home computer is smashing really easy to use and understand for a novice. The version in the office is horrible. I have posed questions on the ASK link. How do I get an acceptable version up here in my office. I find the Search engine on Yahoo much better than Google.

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